An Obligatory Destination

It rarely happens that an area has the capacity to tell its own story through the profiles of its landscape and its monuments, the history that has traversed and delineated it. This prerogative undoubtedly belongs to the Salento.

A harsh, sometimes hostile and even inaccessible place, yet considered geographically strategic because it is a bridge connecting two seas.

Since the dawn of time, therefore, the Salento has known the domination of different cultures that have succeeded one another, each leaving indelible traces of their passage without, however, violating the area's peculiarities or erasing the evidence of previous populations.

This process of cultural stratification has given rise to a syncretism of rare complexity and richness that is faithfully echoed in the heterogeneity of the landscape and in the variety in the customs and habits of its inhabitants. This is precisely the reason why, over the last few years, the Salento has begun to enjoy growing interest and appreciation on the part of all those people who, during their holidays, in addition to bathing of unparalleled quality, wish to have the opportunity to follow evocative and varied itineraries.

Hemmed in by kilometres of uncontaminated coastline, rocky on the Adriatic side and sandy on the Ionian side, dotted with marvellous lookout towers and lighthouses (Santa Maria di Leuca and Punta Palascia in Otranto) of unparalleled beauty, with its prevailing Baroque (Lecce) and a marked culinary tradition and customs (the pizzica above all), the Salento has now become a must-visit destination for those who love to get to know the most authentic Italy.