Family Hotel in Salento

If you would like to spend your next holiday to Italy, travelling with your family, you should consider going to Apulia: this Southern Italy region is very well known among those who like relaxing holidays between sea, nature, historical heritages, good food and ancient customs.

To enjoy in the best way your stay to Apulia, you should consider to book a family hotel Salento, as it could be the choice to make sure to find everything you need to make confortable your holiday with your family, taking advantage of the special services this kind of accommodation assures you.

Not all the hotels can give you the sense of freedom, offering you in the meantime also some relevant services for your comfort, in the same way as Oasi d'Oriente: this hotel-residence located in Santa Cesarea Terme could be your best choice if you consider some relevant features of it.

First of all, you should take a look at the wonderful location of this accommodation: Santa Cesarea Terme is a very well-known location among those who like sea and beaches, especially if you consider that is located at 300 metres from the sea, enjoying an incredible panorama around you.

Isn't it a good reason to book your holiday to Apulia at this hotel, instead of looking for star hotel or cheap hotels that won't offer you that same chance to relax during your stay? Then you should think about others things that could lead you to consider this family hotel in Salento for your holiday.

With 40 sleeping accommodations solutions (studios and two-rooms flats), Oasi d'Oriente can fits your needs giving you the chance to enjoy your stay with your family (up to 7 people) choosing between the two options of the residence or the hotel prices plans.

If you would like to organise your stay according to your personal needs, for example forgetting about opening and closing hours, you should consider to book your holiday to Apulia choosing the residence prices plan of the accommodation Oasi d'Oriente in Santa Cesarea Terme.

In this way, you will take advantage of these dedicated services as: welcome drink, swimming pool and solarium, recreational ground for children (between 3-10 years), unlimited Wi-Fi, car park (not attended), bar service, excursion consultant and reception (from 8AM to 10 PM).

You should also keep in mind that Oasi d'Oriente is located - as we already told you ? in Santa Cesarea Terme, a town in the province of Lecce, not so far from very interesting destinations as Otranto, Gallipoli, Castro Marina, Pescoluse and many others wonderful Apulian locations.

Choosing this kind of accommodation for your travel to Apulia, as you can see, it's the best option you can consider if you would like to spend your holiday touring around the most incredible beauties you will find all around the Salento region, thinking only about your relax.

Let's take a look at the booking options you can find by the hotel-residence Oasi d'Oriente in Santa Cesarea Terme, the best family hotel in Salento to enjoy your holiday taking advantage of the special services for you and your family.

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