Holidays in Salento

The best places to go in Salento

If you are looking for an incredible place to really relax, where you can forget everything of the stressing everyday life, think about a holiday in Italy, the next time you would like to book a trip somewhere, especially considering to tour the best region of the Southern Italy, Apulia.

During the last years, Apulia became very famous among tourists from countries all over the world that are searching for a destination to spend their holiday between the sea and the Mediterranean scrub, something you can find in particular if you go on holidays to Salento.

This area of the Apulia region is especially well known due to the wonderful landscapes, where crystal clear water meet a very bright sand, and on the horizon you can also see wonderful dunes - this is the case of Pescoluse, Lecce province - that remind you location as the Maldives.

You could think about this kind of holidays arguing you have to spend a lot of money to have fun and relax in this location, but you would be pleasantly surprised discovering that Apulia can offer you a lot of holiday's accommodations to save money you can spend instead on leisure.

Choosing to spend your holiday in Italy touring the Apulia and in particular go on holidays to Salento in the area of Santa Cesarea Terme, it is the best way also to taste some special Apulian food, discovering all the best secrets of the most exclusive dishes of this Italian region.

Apulia is widely chosen as the best destinations for you holiday to Italy because you can find a lot of apartments to rent, as well some beautiful holiday homes or a pretty beach hotel where have a great time, forgetting the routine and loosen yourself between the most wonderful Apulian locations.

If you would like to experience a different kind of vacation in this region of the Southern Italy, you can also consider choosing a package holidays: in this way you will be able to take advantage of some special offer, saving also some money you'll spend for relaxing and recreational activities.

Apulia is very well known - especially in Salento region - for its windy beaches where you can have fun on surfing or doing some sports, as swimming or sailing, or if you would like to spend your vacation in a different way, you could simply lying on the beach truly relaxing.

Probably it is not the best way to describe this kind of vacation as cheap holidays: it is better to say that go on holidays to Apulia can give you the chance to spend less money than other locations, tasting also some high quality food and having a great time at the sea or in the hills.

Remember also that during your holiday in Italy, if you choose a stay in Apulia, you will be able to visit a lot of historical locations and also to enjoy a lot of cultural heritage, between the different areas of this region, where in the past used to live Daunians and Peucetians.

Would you like to visit the best region of the Southern Italy? Let's go on holidays to Salento and take a look at the best places between sea and hills where you can relax.

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