Salento Hotels

Would you like to plan your next holiday to Italy to one of the most interesting and beautiful place, choosing only the locations where you can find everything you expected to enjoy for an unforgettable stay between beaches, wonderful landscapes, art, great cuisine and sports at one of the best accomodation near the sea?


So you should take a look at the best Salento hotels, because this wonderful Apulian region is of course one of the most desirable destination for going on holiday to Italy, enjoying all the beautiful things this country could offer you, giving you the chance to discover all the charm and magic of an incredible Mediterranean vacation.


If you haven’t been in Apulia before, you should know that this Southern Italian region is one of the most interesting place if you like to discover art and history touring among museum and historical sites, considering that around Apulia you can find a lot of historical heritage, thanks to the ancient civilisations that lived here during the past.


To take a look in the best way to all these beauties, you should consider booking one of the best hotels in Salento  and Italy, especially located near of one of the most interesting location as Lecce, Santa Cesarea Terme, Pescoluse, Otranto, Ostuni or Gallipoli, where you can find all the best of Salento, between nature and art.


For example, if you would like to appreciate some Baroque architecture, you should consider staying near Lecce – also known as the Baroque capital of Salento – where you can relax and also tasting all the most tasteful Apulian dishes, in a historical ambience where a simple tour in the city permits you to discover charming places.


If you choose in the right way between Salento hotels the one where you can benefit from the best Apulian Cuisine, you will be able to taste the best products and dishes, spending your stay in this wonderful place knowing also the secrets behind the most tasteful Salento products, which could give you the chance of living an incredible vacation.


Everyone who likes to have a great time between sea and beaches, should consider to book the next holiday to Salento choosing a location a Santa Cesarea Terme or Santa Maria di Leuca, where you can relax and do some water sports, as swimming, kitesurfing or windsurfing just to mention a couple of things you could consider for your stay.


Sea lovers should really take a look at location as Pescoluse – which are also known as “Maldives of Salento” due to the particular beauty of the water and sand – where it is possible to relax between sea and dunes, just spending your holiday in the most relaxing way you could imagine, especially staying far from the routine and noise.


Would you like to go on holiday to Italy and visit a wonderful region? You should really book your next vacation to Apulia, choosing between the best Salento hotels only the locations where you will find all the magic of this unique region that stands out for its Cuisine, nature, art, history, architecture and culture.

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