Santa Cesarea Terme

A Gem of Rare Beauty

Santa Cesarea Terme is a gem of rare beauty set in the Adriatic side of the uncontaminated Salento territory, whose main landscape characteristics it embodies.

Characterised by a hinterland of luxuriant vegetation, rugged rocky shores and enchanting coves that allow you to reach and dive into the deep blue of its sea, Santa Cesarea terme is a recently built urban centre whose birth is solely due to human intervention. In fact, if the curative properties of its thermal springs of sulphurous-salty-bromine-iodine waters that flow at a temperature of 30° in four caves called Gattulla, Sulfurea, Fetida and Solfatara were known and appreciated since the 2nd century B.C., it is only from the 19th century onwards that the territory of Santa Cesarea Terme began to be permanently inhabited, following the interventions that smoothed out the roughness of the landscape to make it more accessible and hospitable.

These initiatives also favoured the flourishing of thermal establishments that, today as then, constitute the main focus of its tourist flows. In recent years, moreover, Santa Cesarea Terme has begun to be a favourite destination not only for scuba-diving enthusiasts but also for simple holidaymakers who choose it for its ideal geographic position that easily connects it to all the other main places of interest in the Salento such as Santa Maria di Leuca, Castro, Gallipoli and the provincial capital Lecce.